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T-M Fitzgerald is a published author and self-professed Veterans Advocate

In February of 2014, T-M Fitzgerald found our Facebook Group of Forgotten Veterans who Survived the 1977-1980 Enewetak Atoll Atomic Debris Cleanup Mission in the Marshall Islands.

She asked questions and learned Atomic Cleanup Veterans’ Original Mission was to remove radioactive fallout and debris from the surface of the islands of Enewetak Atoll so the dri-Enewetak Islanders could return to their beautiful homeland of Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

She found out Veteran Exposure to Ionizing Radiation has resulted in our families experiencing unique health challenges and decided to educate all who are willing to hear our stories by writing articles and publishing them at and elsewhere.

T-M Fitzgerald is a published author and a former editor with the military-themed magazine “Warrior Heart”. She is an Army Veteran who trained at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri in the early 90’s.

Since around 2008, Fitzgerald has worked in the area of veterans advocacy and in the process of researching topics for a veteran-themed mission at the beginning of 2014, was in a sense, ‘discovered’ by Enewetak Atomic Clean-up Vets.

Fitzgerald specializes in writing and videography and lends her research and writing abilities to further the cause of these seemingly forgotten warriors of the Cold War Era.

T-M originally hails from North Central Pennsylvania and is currently living with her family in a mid-western town west of Memphis, Tennessee.

T-M proudly served in the U.S. Army as a heavy equipment operator and never lost her patriotism after she left military life.

T-M’s husband was born into a military family and followed family tradition by serving his country as well.

T-M’s family and military advocacy lives are well blended. Her son enjoys travelling cross-country with his mother and insists on playing his fiddle as a show of respect for veterans wherever they go.

Because of her inquisitiveness and ability to help us remember long lost memories, T-M Fitzgerald has been adopted by Enewetak Atomic Cleanup Vets. We consider her our little sister ‘Fitz’.

Even though Fitz treats us as the main focus of her Veterans Advocacy efforts, we know we are not the only ones she has helped.

Fitz posted several videos of her travels to speak up for veterans on her YouTube Channel.

You can find some of T-M Fitzgerald’s books at Amazon and some of her online work at The Warrior Heart.

Continue to learn more about our atomic cleanup veteran challenges from various resources shared by supporters and cleanup participants in future articles.

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  1. Hello all,

    My name is Peter Knutson, and I am a science teacher out of Iowa. I have been interested in all facets of the nuclear age and its impact on the world, politics, and individuals. I have begun a large amount to research on Enewetak Testing, the Operational Series’, Contamination from specific tests, specifically on Runit Island. All of this in hopes of writing a book that culminates on the Cactus Dome, its construction, and the 82nd members’ stories intertwined. I am still in beginning stages of my research, and have many of the government documents, but am looking for more specified individual information as well. So to Mr. Balkin — I too would love the transcripts you mentioned above, and to Ms. Fitzgerald and of the transcripts from your interviews as well. Mr. Bolton, I would like to also work with you in the coming months, years, etc. on possibly a larger survey to this group’s members.

    I have requested some information through the FOIA, but they have been stalling me. If you know anything about the Hardtack I – Quince and Fig Shots (Which were, in my opinion, the most contaminating of the tests, due to the raw plutonium strewn about), and leading to much exposure to the members of the 82nd.

    I feel the story of these tests ( Beyond just Ivy Mike and Castle Bravo), the construction of this containment structure, and the members of the construction battalion. This is an untold story that I feel the world needs to know. Thank you for the group and supports for those members, and I would like to be involved as well.

    I would like to connect with each of you privately. I am a member on the Facebook group, so you can message me there and we can exchange emails. Or if you a moderator you may have access to my email here. I would rather not post my email here.

    Thank you!


  2. While you have plenty of background information maybe this will help. It most certainly reveals a pattern of government denial and a military very willing to use its personnel as guinea pigs. On February 1 1994, I interviewed a 17 year old military dependent who was stationed on Kwajalein and who was an eyewitness to the Castle Bravo test that went awry and showered the island 250 miles away with radioactive dust. She went through hell during her pregnancy 3 years later and had 2 babies die within 12 hours of their birth. She’s still alive. On February 21 1994, I interviewed another military dependent who was 12 at the time and sent to Kwajalein in 1956. This woman had bone marrow cancer at the time of the interview and attributes her illness to her time on Kwajalein. I’m sure she’s passed by now. I have transcripts of these interviews and if it will help I’ll be glad to share them with you.

    • Yes. We would be interested in obtaining a copy of your interview transcripts David Balkin. They would be valuable for those who were involved in the Atomic Test Era, and helpful as background information for those of us who returned to Enewetak Atoll during the 1977 – 1980 Atomic Cleanup Mission.
      In 1995, Congress ordered an Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments and determined in its final report the US Government conducted several radiation studies without full disclosure and without regards to the health of the individuals and their families. As a result, President Bill Clinton publicly apologized to Human-Experiment Victims and 104th Congress created H.R.2463, a partial compensation fund for those families.
      Our group of Atomic Cleanup Veterans were either erroneously or purposely left out of those presidential and legislative acts. Your interviews can be added to our background information to support our efforts to convince our government to admit we performed our duties while working in radiation-risk activites by adding Atomic Cleanup Veterans to the the VA’s definition of an Atomic Veteran as well as including us in RECA.

  3. The questions Fitz has asked have started many conversations in our group. I feel she has been a major force at keeping our group’s drive alive and moving in the correct direction.
    THANKS FITZ!!!!!!

      • Hello.
        I would like introduce myself. I am Thomas Caffarello Retired USAF. I recently ran across Atomic Cleanup Vets. I was exploring some details regarding Radiation Tests and Fallout from Operation SANDSTONE/FITZWILLIAM. I have been dealing with Department of Veterans Affairs regarding my compensation with some but not total success.

        During the Top Secret Fitzwilliam Operation on May 17, 1948, I was the first Radiation Monitor accepted to read and record Radiation Levels for the CIA and USAF
        My Recordings were “Off Scale” in excess of 550 REM Radiation Exposure

        My claim with the Veterans Administration which actually started in 2003, was met with a statement that “No One was exposed to Radiation in that Area of the Marshall Islands”

        I knew this statement was a lie and even subjected myself to a Lie Detector Test, which shown all my statements were true. There is so many more details and supporting documents that I have accumulated over the years that I am glad to share.

        I would be very pleased to continue correspondence and an interview.

        Very Best Regards
        Thomas Caffarello

        • Note regarding Thomas Caffarello. He is now 89 years old and Mentally sharp, though his medical condition is sever while he is wheel chair bound. I am his “link” for any communication.

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