Author – Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker is a political activist, photographer, and Veterans Advocate

In April 2017, Jeremy Walker, was contacted by his friend Leo G “Oscar” Meyer, who is an Atomic Cleanup Veteran.

Upon being educated about the Marshall Island cleanup efforts Jeremy reached out to Girard Frank Bolton, III to aide in the movement.

He is now one of the website administrators, as well as helping organize behind the scenes.


Although he has never served in the military he has had many relatives serve during WWII and the Cold War Era.

He has been an Associate Member of Oath Keepers, and has donated to various veterans charities.

Jeremy was born within the last few years of the Cold War and grew up in Harford County, Maryland. He now resides just over the Mason Dixon Line in York County, Pennsylvania.

Jeremy has an AA in Political Science and is certified in Computer Aided Drafting.

He has been a volunteer, organizer, and photographer for many State and Local political campaigns as well as political events.

He has been politically active since 2007. He was a volunteer for both of Ron Paul’s unsuccessful presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012. After Ron Paul dropped out of the 2008 presidential election Jeremy and a few other Harford County natives started a chapter of Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty, a 501(c)(4). He served as one of the County Coordinators for Harford County from 2009-2013. Harford C4L paved the way for the whole organization, this is also where he learned his skill set.


His skill set includes networking, database maintenance, audio and visual technology, website design and maintenance, photography/videography, public speaking and presenting, organizing events, action items including petition drives and door knocking.

Continue to learn more about our Atomic Cleanup Veteran health challenges from various resources shared by supporters and cleanup participants in future articles.