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  1. 84th Eng. C Co. 1979 4 Month. I came at the Ending. I have been asking for years ” HOW MUCH RAD’S DID I GET ” ? To this day no come back. IE: A need to know basics. And I do not need to know. Sgt. F.B. Smith

  2. Sara,
    Thank you for story. As a RN I’ve seen several cases as you describe and it is always difficult to say the least. I even had the assignment of caring for two of the Nuclear Scientists responsible for the design of those weapons. As a member of the Enewetak Clean Up team I had mixed emotions. Many years later I still do. THANK YOU BOTH for your sacrifice.

  3. I am the widow of a Atomic Vet. My husband passed away on Feb. 11, 2011. Before he died, the Disabled Veteran were fighting, it seemed, to get him approved for benefits. After he passed, it is as tho he never existed. We had started being interested in the DAV, before he ever got sick. He had larynx cancer back in 1989, We were not using the VA Hospital at that time, I had insurance and so did he. So we did not need them. After 20 years, he had a skin cancer on his face in the jawbone area. It started as a simple skin cancer, the Dermatologist removed it, sent it a lab then came back as positive. So we thought he had gotten it all, so next it came back, and again was removed. Next he developed a gland swelling under the jawbone. Primary Dr. said let’s watch it. A few days later it was increasing in size and hurting too. So he told me to contact a surgeon and we did. He told us he could not tell what it was with out a CT scan. He said it was a lymph node, so we scheduled surgery and the Dr. told me it was very large and that it almost popped before he got it out and did pop then. It was cancer. He sent us to local Chemo Dr. My husband was not impressed with either the Dr. or the facility. So we thought what now? So I suggest the VA Hospital in Jackson, MS. We were an hours drive away. He had already started using the VA, so they got us right in and they were so good. The oncologist, a nice looking black woman came in and put the scope down his throat to look at larynx and was convinced it was not connected to this cancer. She was a head and neck surgeon and would do the surgery, she told us of all of the surgery involved in removing the lymph node, and the remaining lymph nodes in that area. It had my knees knocking at the radical surgery, and the seriousness of it. Anyway, He had the 6 hour surgery and recuperated for 10 weeks. He came home and he did not want anyone but me to care for him. It was hard work, but I loved him and it did not matter. I did it out of love and consideration. One day at a time, we made it thru. We rented a camp ground spot and used it while he was taking Chemo and Radiation, It took about 8 weeks. A month or two after we had gotten back home, we got a call from his oncologist and she had reviewed his last PET scan. It showed some small spots in his bronchial area. She wanted him to have a bronchospy done, they called me from the lab and told me it was negative. So we were all excited. Then the Oncologist called and said she was not happy with that scan and wanted him to have another at the University of Mississippi Hospital. It came back positive. They got him set up to do chemo and radiation. This round of chemo was so strong, and he was also weak from already been thru all of the other stuff, it just literally KICKED HIS BUTT. He hated he lost all of his pretty white hair. He even saved some in a Zip Lock bag. I still have it. Anyway, it just made him so sick, he took Pneumonia. Care at VA Hosp. was terrible. I reported it to someone I hoped did something about it. He came on back home and was taken to local hospital, under the care of his primary care DR. Antibiotics helped him real fast to look as tho he might make it a while longer.
    They put a feeding tube in and he was to start using it, he had trouble swallowing, his weight was below 100 pounds. At 6’2 he was all bony. He died that next day. A nurse gave him too much of Gentiva and Go Lightely. The Go Lightely was to have been given the next day. He aspirated and that was cause of death. Altho his death certificate did not mention it.
    I know I am long winded, but I wanted you to know all about what he went thru. I don’t blame the Dr’s, and I don’t blame the nurse, altho she was responsible for how it happened. In the passing of years, and he was almost 78, God decides when it is your time, and he decided this time.
    Oh by the way,he was at Desert Rock on April 18th when the Upshot Knot hole was set off. It was horrible to him. He saw animals burned and disfigured and still alive, some dead.
    He hated his government after that, and the Marine Corp. He was very disgruntled and was a bad Marine. He was discharged honorably. They knew nothing about PSTD, but I believed he had it.

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