James Edward Androl


James Edward Androl

Nickname:  Jim

Employer during Enewetak Atoll Atomic Cleanup Mission:  Army

Rank:  E-4 Spec-4

Job Title: 31M20 Multichannel Communications Equipment Operator

Unit: 84th Engineer Battalion

Enewetak Atoll TDY Tour:  2/21/1978 – 8/18/1978

Island Lived on at Enewetak Atoll:  Lojwa

Islands Worked on at Enewetak Atoll:  On almost every Island due to working in conjunction with the Body Snatchers, as well as orders from 84th Engineers Bn. N.C.O.’s

Description of Work Performed:  Androl, James E. E-4 (Specialist 4th Class) Communications Installation/Repair and Operator w/Crypyprographic, 84th Engineer Bn., Schofield Barracks, Hi., Attached from 426th Signal Bn, XVIII Airborne Corps, Ft Bragg, N.C. February 1978 through August 1978. Assisted (by order) to travel to various islands for clean-up operations. Handled various debris, found underwater mine field off Lojwa. Stationed on LOJWA BASE CAMP. AKA Lojwa Animal. Also employed by Holmes and Narver as Bartender for the Lojwa Sandcastle. Only eight days remaining In-Service upon leaving Islands.

Health Challenges which may be related to Radiation Exposure:  Yes

Comments about Health Challenges: Radiation burns, unknown rashes,blistering, PTSD, Bone and Joint issues, Hypertension, Late stage colon cancer, low sperm count, and too many others to list. Offspring also suffer from illnesses and defects attributed to a parent exposed to Ionizing Radiation. 43 additional residuals in total.

Veterans Administration Health Assistance: Yes, “Paid-For out of pocket VA Health Care”

Experiences with the Veterans Administration:  Deliberately misdiagnosed, had to fight for care. Post diagnosis 2-1/2 year wait for doctor visit. Ignored gastrointestinal issues (cancer). Put on wait-list. Sexually assaulted by a VA female doctor on a grudge. I tried to report it 6 different times but was continually ignored. Sent to classes for PTSD, after third week denied further classes or help of any kind due to being classified as a non-combat veteran. No help with PTSD and no charges brought against doctor for sexual assault. Continually over medicated by VA doctors that no civilian doctor would ever allow. Medications continually counteracted against each other and no consideration for extreme weight loss post surgery. Same dosage level are currently being prescribed. Too many other issues to list. Continually denied disability claims. Continually charged exorbitant fee’s for medical and prescriptions.  (11/24/2014)

Note: AtomicCleanupVets.com appreciates James Edward Androl’s permission to publish his personal opinions and the historical information he provided 11/24/2014.

Current Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada

Contributions towards accomplishing Our Current Mission:

Enewetak Atoll Photos:  

       james-androl-helicopter-ride        james-androl-body-snatchers-after-typhoon    james-androl-beach-loadingjames-androl-ship-remainsjames-androl-storm-brewingjames-androl-bunker-sleeping-quartersjames-androl-bunker-quartersjames-androl-lojwa-sandcastlejames-androl-lojwa-causewayjames-androl-lojwa-sandcastle-patio-walljames-androl-lojwa-walljames-androl-lojwa-patio-walljames-androl-lojwa-patio-wall-4james-androl-lojwa-patio-wall-5james-androl-lojwa-patiojames-androl-jim-jezikJames-Androl-Brad-woodruff-randy-mikey-childersjames-androl-get-well-card-frontjames-androl-get-well-cardjames-androl-bird

Our main focus is to help each other with information and moral support during challenging times.

Our secondary focus is to urge Congress to change the current laws and recognize soldiers of the atomic cleanup mission as “veterans who participated in radiation-risk activities during active service.”

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  1. Jim
    Trying to connect with Eugene “Rusty” Fuller. We served together at Ft Bragg and were on the island together. can you assist?

    • I just found out that I have a Lung Disease that is caused by inhalation of Cesium. That is what the ATSDR has listed for the cause. It was found that most of my post cancer symptoms and illnesses are caused by the Lung Disease and not the Chemo. It causes blood platelets to build up in one specific area of every one of your organs. They keep building up and up until it causes the organs to enlarge. It can go away by itself, or you may have it for life. It gets worse over time in about 90% of patients that have this. It is called Sarcoidosis. It will also most likely lead to death. Studies have proven that it is caused by toxins that are inhaled – specifically Cesium. Experts know of no cure. I will say my Good-Bye’s early in case I get too bad off to type. This information may help many of you.

  2. Buddy Statements are needed for claim. also Protocol Statements and Stressor Statements as well. Any similarities in duties are sufficient for needs in describing said similarities for claim needs. These are as good as Buddy Statements. You do not have to have served with someone at the same time, but the similar experiences and descriptions of life on the islands are sufficient for our individual claims. Keep this in mind, they are the same as a Buddy Statement.

  3. All or none is my motto. No man Left behind. We were all in this together and we took our sacred oath. Those that seek personal gain as an individual can drop from the group in my opinion. We are all victims, and need to assist everyone on the sight as a group. We are each others brother. We watch out for one another and I feel that it is a GROUP effort to accomplish our common goal. Anyone else that feels they are doing it strictly for themselves, can drop from the group. We are a collective group to ensure that we ALL get the Help we all so desperately need. We were all there, and we will help All that were there. Otherwise, I personally do not want anything to do with the individuals that are strictly our=t for themselves and no one else. This is a group effort…Period! We have a responsibility to each other, that should be within the scope of our enlistment code and group ethics. All for one and one for all! James E. Androl

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