Take Action!

Contact your Congressman and Senators

Reunite with other Atomic Cleanup Veterans!

Contact your Congressmen and Senators

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Call, write, email, and/or setup a meeting with your representatives and their aides at their local office.

Tell your Congressman to support HR 632 
As of 12/10/17 there are 181 cosponsors of HR 632

Tell your Senators to support S 283
As of 12/5/17 there are 10 cosponsors of S 283

Reunite with Atomic Cleanup Veterans!

There are still many Atomic Cleanup Veterans out there who have not yet been found, many of whom probably have no idea of the dangerous radiation levels they were exposed to.

Print These Flyers! Contact your local American Legion, DAVVFW, or other veterans groups to have these flyers distributed or to be a guest speaker.

We have a Speakers Bureau! Contact us when you need a guest speaker for your organization.