An Anonymous Lojwa Animal’s Photograph Album (circa 1977-1980) Claimed by Scott McKenzie 9-2-2015

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21 thoughts on “An Anonymous Lojwa Animal’s Photograph Album (circa 1977-1980) Claimed by Scott McKenzie 9-2-2015

  1. My dad Richard L. Buchanan was there at Enewetak in 1977, I just found this site yesterday and have been feverishly reading everything and anything about what our government has done to these men and women. I was just a toddler when he went. He is coming over today to bring pictures and information so I can upload. I am willing to do whatever it takes to help these men and women get the benefits/acknowledgement they deserve.

  2. Hello Gentlemen, I am the daughter of a testing survivor USS Renville 1950’s . The damage goes much further than just the men who served it runs through the DNA to a genetic level in some of the men who served at ALL levels of this operation. No one in the government thought to even take a look until the 70’s and the in depth study in the 80’s and 90’s came to the conclusion there is really no way to accurately tell how much or how far reaching the damage is. There was no protocols in place. To this day April 2016 Lawrence Livermore Lab is taking people there to do an ongoing study of the Island people they’ve been studied for by my account 50 yrs, our United States citizens 5 yrs. nothing ongoing. The more I research this topic the more disgusted I become , they knew you were in danger when they sent you there ,but we were responsible to “clean it up” and the military sent you. There should be no question your claims should be included ,I would suggest partnering with the NAAV and start a national e mail campaign Senator Blumenthal is presenting S2921 Veterans First Act which in part covers toxic exposure along with the Bill “Atomic Veterans Healthcare Parity ACT” This is the title of the 5 yr study ,The Five Series Study: Mortality of Military Participants in U.S. Nuclear Weapons Tests.
    I personally knew one of the scientist who helped build the bomb, Bob Costello, when I asked him how they (the scientist) felt when it went off he wept and said “we didn’t know ,we just didn’t know” It was a mile wide and a mile down ,can you imagine a mile down, we had no idea” Another friend was exposed to ash and 50 yrs later her body stopped making red blood cells. It’s not just cancer that’s the problem .Even if you are not sick now , it can hit you or your children 20,30, 40,50 years later and it isn’t just cancers . I was born without cartilage in my ankle joints and very little in my knees.My ankles are fused and didn’t get diagnosed until I was 28. I limped around for 28 years. Your voices should be heard, e mail all of the US Senators tell them to pay attention , I have, on behalf of my father and I will every month til he’s heard. It’s wrong you will not be cared for and the Islanders are it’s just wrong! All of you should get care. God Bless and Good Luck, Kathy Daughter of USS Renville survivor by the way I’m not a nut I’m just really angry the injustice of all of this is disgusting!

  3. I am J. C. Brewer. Was in Enewetak 1978-1979. I am now retired from the Army. Feel free to contact me. Probably won’t remember half of you, but we will give it a shot.

  4. Don’t know how many of you remember the Lojwa poem. We are Lojwa boys we have no toys we live in caves and ditches, where pussys rare we will F a bear because we are bad ass sons of bitches! Just had to put that out there.

  5. I took command of the 309th Transportation Detachment (they always wanted to call it a “Company,” but it wasn’t) at Fort Story, Virginia shortly after this mission was completed. I look back upon my two years in command as some of the best I spent in the Army. Thanks for your service folks. Glen Lee Davis, Sr., Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army(retired), Fredericksburg, Virginia.

  6. Can someone help me get my rad badge readings so I can see how much radiation I was exposed to. I was in Lojwa, Runit & Enewetok 8 months in 1977 with the 84th Engineers as crane operator.

    • Fernando, were you on the crane barge when we got evacuated to Guam? We came out in the 18′ Boston Whaler to pick up you and I think Lopez. This is Phil Cummings the mechanic from Alaska, Do you remember Al Fernandez? Does any one out there remember blowing up the Enewetak Hotel? If you were there you’d remember, the navy used 3 1/2 tons of C4, it took a week to wire it. I still have a lot of pictures, I’ll put on the site later. Any Atomic Vets in north Idaho? I live in Rathdrum.

      • I remember that. I remember an Alvin Fernandez from Maui

  7. I was amazed to see my name on the 2nd photo “84 ENG BN (FWD)” First 8
    SP4 Taft!

  8. I just read an article about the service that these men did for the world/environment. THANK YOU! I am a nurse.. veterans who have health related issues that I have the opportunity to give my service to have my utmost respect. I wish we as a country would do more for you folks and your families. Thank you again.

    • I’m sure I speak for all of us then I say “You’re Welcome” and return the Thanks for caring for our brothers and sisters..

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